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How Does Blogging Change the World?

So you blogged about picking your nose. Does that change the world? 

Maybe. It could remind another person reading the blog that their nose is due for excavation, but that's just one person.  To change the world, bloggers can harness the full power of blogging by bearing in mind these three things

Blogs can:

1)  Show the Truth
In 1997 Nike got into a lot of trouble when photos of children stitching a Nike rubber shoe were circulated online. What is the truth? Are those real photos of child labor, or a propaganda of a competitor brand?

Blogs give all kinds of truth.  Truth as experienced by the blogger.  What will sway the opinion of the majority or blog readers?  Only blogs written by trusted bloggers.  And you gain trust when you eventually post relevant things than about picking your nose.  When you post truths that connect to the readers.

2) Clinch Decisions

Hmmm.. should you marry this person or not?  According to the blog of Dr. Blah, men with high IQ are more likely to be monogamous... 

Some blogs are so trusted, they influence the decisions of their readers. Right down to the person they are marrying.
3) Form Relationships

At the heart of it, reading blogs, writing blogs, commenting on blogs is really about creating relationships.  A continuous dialogue that eventually leads to webcam dialogue, or face to face dialogue.. and eventually you begin to consider fellow bloggers or readers as friends.

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